Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back in Greece

Taken through a rather salt-encrusted ferry window this is a pic of the sun rising over the Albanian mountains yesterday morning.

After starting in Suffolk on Sunday night I finally reached the Peloponnese yesterday afternoon, and still faced a 3.5 hour drive down to the Mani. Whilst I enjoyed most of the journey, it's not a trip I'd recommend taking on your own; at least not as quickly as I did it.

Driving down to the Mani, however, was a joy. It occurred to me that I even need a map when driving round Britain, let alone the rest of Europe, but as soon as I hit the Peloponnese I knew exactly where I was going. It felt like coming home. I wandered down to my local kafenion for a bite to eat and drink last evening, and found many of the old faces still sitting there. Greek tomatoes were as delicious as my memory always tells me, as was the pasto (cold smoked pork). Although I'm here to work, I'm going to have plenty of fun rediscovering people, places and things . . .

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