Sunday, July 22, 2012

I seem to know a fair few people that walk across Europe, so just setting off to drive to Greece seems a bit lazy. Still, I'm on a deadline and work beckons. In three hours time I'm setting off to spend the summer in the Peloponnese, researching the new edition of my guidebook. I'm getting to the continent on the Eurotunnel and then driving to Munich, hoping to arrive some time Monday afternoon. The rest of the family is flying there and spending a week with relatives before flying on to Greece. I head on again early the next morning, south into Italy where I will get the ferry from Ancona. A night crossing the Adriatic takes me to the northern Peloponnese by Wednesday afternoon. From there it's a relatively short 4.5 hour drive down to the Mani where a meso-kilo of rosé awaits. I'll update and write more whenever I can.

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